News'A Different World' Cast Reunites Amid HBCU Admissions Surge

‘A Different World’ Cast Reunites Amid HBCU Admissions Surge

“We were protesting apartheid. … Kids were protesting apartheid and censorship on the radios, and now you have Black Lives Matter. It changes over generations, but the struggle is always real,” explained Bell in an interview shared by NBC News. “We tackled all the issues you see college kids attack because it’s usually in college where you come into your own self-awareness.”

College campuses today have seen an influx of student protests concerning the Israel-Hamas war. Students are also taking action to raise awareness of the breakdown of DEI programs and affirmative action.

However, just like those on “A Different World,” students at HBCUs have the power to enact change within and beyond their community.

“I think the point is to keep talking, to keep having the conversation, to let them know —  give them the permission to know — that they are empowered to have the conversation,” shared Lewis.

The tour coincides with the announcement of the “A Different World” scholarship fund. The charitable initiative aims to lessen the financial burdens on Black students as they progress in their studies.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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