SportsA 2nd Black ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce is receiving threats from Swifties

A 2nd Black ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce is receiving threats from Swifties

Maya Benberry (Image source: YouTube/Inside Edition)
Another ex-girlfriend of NFL superstar Travis Kelce says the rabid, overzealous fans of Taylor Swift have been launching threats and insults at her recently.
Kelce, an era-defining tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and the ultra-famous singer Swift have made international headlines since she visited his football game on Sunday, Sept. 24, for the 41-10 blowout of the Chicago Bears. Swift is currently in New York as she is expected to attend the Chiefs game against the Jets.Swift’s fan base, often called the “Swifties,” have reportedly torched Maya Benberry with relentless threats.
“Swifties are aggressive,” Benberry told the outlet. “Very negative, very hypocritical. It’s really crazy to me that someone that I think is positive and really nice has such a negative and angry fan base.”Benberry told the outlet that she only has an issue with Kelce, whom she describes as a “narcissist,” and not with the world-famous singer. 
“I’m not jealous or bitter about Taylor. She’s beautiful, she’s successful. We’re in two different lanes. My issue is more with Travis in the sense of, now you’re trying to turn me into, I don’t know — a bitter person, a liar, like I’m delusional, and I’m the furthest thing from that,” Benberry said. 

Benberry added that, ironically, Kelce cheated on her with his next girlfriend Kayla Nicole. Kelce and Nicole dated from 2017-2022, and she also received death threats and mean-spirited insults on her social media platforms. 
“Only time will tell but like the saying always goes, once a cheater, always a cheater,” Benberry told 

Source: Rolling Out

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