News8 Tech Jobs That Still Require A Human Touch

8 Tech Jobs That Still Require A Human Touch

The digital technology industry is steadily growing and evolving with no signs of becoming static. Talks around artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to replace human intelligence in the workplace may be up for debate. While there may be areas of work where AI technology might be useful, the same holds true for folks who are knowledgeable and skillful in the tech market. There is plenty of space to get in where you fit in—and you don’t want to get left behind in the tech industry’s rapid and steady rise.

BLACK ENTERPRISE has identified eight tech jobs that require human beings.

1.) Graphic Designer
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A graphic designer is a great role for artists and creatives to jump into the tech industry. As a graphic designer you communicate visual concepts for online campaigns, such as creating logos for brands and designing and developing overall layouts for magazines, advertisements, websites, and videos. The average graphic designer in the U.S makes about $49,772 a year, according to Payscale.
2.) SEO Specialist
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SEO stands for search engine optimization. As a SEO specialist, your responsibilities might include link building, keyword strategy, and tracking, analyzing, and reporting data that should increase return of investments (ROI) in search campaigns. You will need knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Java Script development. The average salary for an SEO specialist is $56,683, Glassdoor reports.

3.) Technical Recruiter
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As a technical recruiter you identify qualified candidates for a company. Technical recruiter falls under the umbrella of human resources. Developing strategies for recruiting, as well as creating job descriptions and specifications, are among the responsibilities. Interpersonal and negotiation skills are important for a technical recruiter, as you may also represent the company by interviewing candidates for job openings. Glassdoor reports the average salary for a technical recruiter as $85,759.

4.) Social Media Coordinator
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5.) Customer Success Manager
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Customer success managers (CSM) are in control of expanding positive client experience, building healthy working connections, and directing the day-to-day consumer relations that impact retention. This role leans into keeping the customer satisfied and building loyalty. The average salary for CSM is $117,944, according to
6.) Digital Market Managers
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7.) Web Developer
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A web developer’s duties are to make sure a website is pleasing to the eye, easy to browse, and works with no technical difficulties. Web developers handle non-design related aspects of websites, as they monitor the analytics of the website, troubleshoot website issues, update the website, and write code. The average salary is $82,586, according to Indeed.
8.) Digital Content Strategist 
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As a digital strategist you are in charge of the organization, arrangement, production, and publishing of content based on the company’s goals and clients’ needs, which includes using digital media to promote a company or brand through digital avenues such as email and websites. The average salary of a digital content strategist is $93,672, according to Zippia.

Source: Black Enterprise

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