News62% Of Black Infants Live In Poverty

62% Of Black Infants Live In Poverty

“These poverty and income levels are concerning, as babies’ rapid brain development during their early years makes them particularly vulnerable to the material hardship and family stress that accompany poverty, with long-term consequences for later success in school and employment,” the report explained.

“Black women have the highest labor force participation out of all females in the United States. Still, even so, there continue to be disparities in their pay, promotion, and general recognition,” The Mom Project reported.

The Yearbook calls for policies to ensure a strong foundation in maternal health, infant and early childhood mental health, childcare, housing, and economic security. 

Black women in the labor force

Black women carry a lot of economic responsibility. On average, Black moms work more hours in a year than their white counterparts. Despite the extra hours worked, the advanced degrees, and the evident dedication, the impact of Black women and moms is overlooked. Data shows that Black women earn less money, are underrepresented in leadership, and don’t feel valued at work. These circumstances have, in turn, proven detrimental to mental and maternal health, including the child’s well-being beginning prenatally.

Geography matters

Maternal and infant health

The Black maternal health crisis is a pressing issue. People of color are more like to have interactions with health care providers that are “unsupportive” and “disempowering.” The Yearbook data revealed significant racial disparities in prenatal care and other indicators of maternal health such as preterm births and low birthweight. Data show that the lack of access to proper care resulted in approximately 14% of Black preterm births and 9% of Black people starting prenatal care late. 

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Source: Black Enterprise


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