News61-year-old Body Builder Trains To Claim Another 'Ms. Olympia' Title

61-year-old Body Builder Trains To Claim Another ‘Ms. Olympia’ Title

Female bodybuilders compete in the 1993 Ms. Olympia bodybuilding competition held at the Beacon Theatre, in New York City. (Photo by Evan Hurd/Corbis via Getty Images)

Professional bodybuilder Sheryl Grant is coming for a second title as Ms. Olympia as she prepares to compete in November.

“Starting the journey to Ms. Olympia for the second time is difficult, but it has opened my eyes in ways I never thought imaginable,” Grant wrote in another post.

Grant shared a few secrets about how she stays in such great shape at her age.

“My secret to more effective workouts is a STRONG CORE! A strong core allows me to do more exercises and maintain the form to maximize each movement’s effectiveness,” she captioned an Instagram video of some of her favorite core exercises.

As Grant attempts her new goal, she is encouraging others to join her FIT for Life community to get started on their personal body goals. The social entrepreneur launched the award-winning platform to help individuals transform their bodies and minds. According to her website, the fitness maven is the world’s leading AgeTech advocate who oversees initiatives focused on women’s entrepreneurship.
“Being FIT is more than physical. It also requires a mental strength and forms the foundation for transformation,” the FIT for Life page stated. “Being FIT means having Faith, Intuition & Tenacity and acts as a guide to help us fulfill our potential!”

FIT for Life members will be able to attend live sessions with the 61-year-old fitness phenom that include daily motivation calls and monthly workshops, along with access to a variety of courses and her personal network of experts and coaches. 

Source: Black Enterprise


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