News6-year-old Jeremy Diaz Dies After Beaten By Baseball Bat

6-year-old Jeremy Diaz Dies After Beaten By Baseball Bat

Six-year-old Jeremy Diaz, who battled for his life after a vicious attack by a neighbor in September, died Nov. 14.

Six-year-old Jeremy Diaz, who has battled for his life since he was allegedly attacked with a baseball bat by a neighbor, has died.

On Jeremy’s GoFundMe page, his father, Arturo Diaz, said the boy died November 14 after the September 11 attack, The Huffington Post reported.

Jeremy was allegedly assaulted by his adult neighbor, Daniel Logan, who, armed with a baseball bat, forcibly entered the Diaz family’s Texas home. According to the Austin-American Statesman, Logan’s mother, attempting to intervene, also suffered injuries.

Logan’s wife, HuffPo reported, told police she called 911 when she saw her mother-in-law come back home covered in blood and “frantically screamed that Daniel was killing everyone inside.”

Following the assault, the community rallied, launching a GoFundMe to assist Jeremy’s parents with medical expenses. Jeremy’s father regularly updated well-wishers on the platform, sharing his son’s ups and downs.

According to court records, Logan was deemed incompetent to stand trial in October; a mental health evaluation is scheduled for Nov. 28. His attorney, Marc Chavez, emphasized the involvement of mental illness in the case.

“While the allegations sound troubling, we ask everyone to reserve judgment until all the facts come to light, especially while we investigate issues related to serious mental illness,” Chavez told USA Today.

Despite signs of improvement in Jeremy’s vital signs, a sudden and severe “neural storm” occurred Monday night, according to his father’s GoFundMe update. Neurostorming, often seen after traumatic brain injuries, can manifest in heightened heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature regulation issues.

“It was the worst storm we had seen, and it came out of nowhere. It was almost 6 hours of hell on earth―I can only imagine the torture he went through,” Arturo Diaz wrote on the GoFundMe page.

In a heart-wrenching farewell, Diaz expressed the profound pain of covering his son’s face for the last time, witnessing the bookends of Jeremy’s life. No parent, he wrote, should endure the agony of burying their child.

Source: Black Enterprise


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