News50 Cent Claims That Diddy 'Got Tupac Killed'

50 Cent Claims That Diddy ‘Got Tupac Killed’

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson attends a Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets game. (Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

“I hate when they leave me to talk because I always say the wrong thing,” he tells the audience. “Last time they left me, I said something about Puffy. You saw that clip? I gotta stop doing that kinda shit. I been talking to a therapist to try to help me with the shit I been saying. It’s some crazy shit on my mind. Maybe I said that shit about Puffy because he got Tupac killed.”

“Damn so pac got lined by brother love. LOL Time to Lawyer up, sh*t might get sticky. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac,” he posted.


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According to VIBE, Keefe D claimed that Diddy paid $1 million to the South Side Crips street gang. He also alleged that the street gang never got the down payment for the hit.

Vulture reported that Keefe D said the “No Way Out” producer allegedly told him, “Man, I want to get rid of them dudes,” about the rapper/actor and Suge Knight, the former owner of Death Row Records. Diddy denies the accusation and has told L.A. Weekly that the suspect’s words were “pure fiction and completely ridiculous.”
Tupac was shot multiple times in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson boxing match on Sept. 7, 1996. The prolific entertainer died in the hospital six days later at age 25.

Source: Black Enterprise


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