News5 Essential Safety Tips Every Rideshare Driver Should Know

5 Essential Safety Tips Every Rideshare Driver Should Know

Women drivers are also at risk of unsafe environments and unwanted contact.

Over the past decade, ride-sharing apps have seen a tremendous increase in drivers. Unfortunately, reports of rideshare sexual and physical assault have also surged, leading to piling lawsuits. With safety initiatives underway, many women are still behind the ride-sharing wheel and moving toward their financial goals.

Here are five safety tips to make the ride a smoother one.

Safety Tips For Drivers

Check the customer’s rating and pickup area. Start each ride by confirming your rider’s name. Remember to confirm your rider’s name before unlocking your vehicle and inviting them in. Declining rides can reduce risks.

Avoid certain conversations. Sometimes, de-escalating a potentially risky situation is knowing when to say something or not.

Follow your instincts. Your personal safety always comes first. That’s why it’s important to trust your gut. Don’t hesitate to take emergency measures if you’re in an uncomfortable or unsafe place or situation. 

Stay aware and alert. If you notice suspicious behavior or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, discreetly connect with emergency services or 911.

Report the incident. Don’t hesitate.

Follow Black-Owned Ride-sharing Apps 

If you want to leave Uber or Lyft behind, here are four ambitious Black-owned ride-sharing companies that are committed to safety.

HERide: Available for service in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, this Black-owned, female-friendly ride-sharing platform is putting safety first. It boasts better pay for drivers and peace of mind for everyone. 

Black Wolf: A Black-owned private security company, Black Wolf takes pride in providing a high level of protection and ride experience for the whole family. What’s more, drivers are armed, licensed gun carriers in case of a dangerous event. Black Wolf company invites you to join its “personal protection ride-hail app.”

Moovn: Join the Moovnment, where the transformation of urban mobility takes in several cities like New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. The platform offers not only rides but options to buy and sell products online. You can even opt to have packages delivered right to your doorstep.

Go Girl Ride: This Black-owned, womxn, femme, and non-binary ride service is based in Portland, Oregon. The company strives to keep its diverse community safe by connecting riders and drivers. 

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Source: Black Enterprise


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