News5 Black, British Businesses Awarded Free TV Ad Space

5 Black, British Businesses Awarded Free TV Ad Space

Five British Black-owned businesses will soon see their names on the big screen.

Retail and commercial financial institution Lloyds Bank revealed the businesses are the recipients of half a million pounds worth of airtime in partnership with Channel 4, according to a Channel 4 press release. As part of Channel 4’s Black In Business initiative, each business will get free TV advertising made for them as well as six months of tailored marketing and business support from both Lloyds, the channel and social enterprise DOES.
Black In Business launched as part of Channel 4’s Black to Front legacy, the network’s ongoing commitment to improve Black representation on-screen and across the TV industry. The program offers support to small businesses new to television advertising after research done by the public channel found Black entrepreneurs face more obstacles running their businesses over their white counterparts. Both entities hope this program will help Black business.

Channel 4’s client strategy and communications partner, Clare Peters, says she hopes this initiative opens up more doors for Black businesses in the UK.
“When our research highlighted the obstacles faced by Black-owned businesses, we wanted to make a tangible difference by offering practical support to directly target some of the issues,” Peters said, according to The Media Leader.

“It is our sincere hope is that this scheme kickstarts wider awareness of the challenges faced by Black-led businesses and prompts action across the industry to deliver equal opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners, regardless of their background and ethnicity.”

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Source: Black Enterprise

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