News5.4 Earthquake Hits Jamaica, No Reported Deaths Or Casualties So Far

5.4 Earthquake Hits Jamaica, No Reported Deaths Or Casualties So Far

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

An earthquake has occurred on the island of Jamaica, but according to the prime minister, there have been no reports of death, injuries, or serious damage thus far.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said no deaths, injuries, or severe damage had been reported. There have been reports that there hasn’t been significant damage, although there has been some break in electricity and communications. He assured that most have been restored. He asked Jamaicans to remain calm and that all protocols should be followed.

“Damage has been minor, but nevertheless, we are taking all precautions. I want to say to all Jamaicans, remain calm.”
He did give thanks that the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

(1/2) Jamaica just experienced an earthquake. The preliminary measurement of the earthquake is approximately 5. 6 in magnitude, centered around Buff Bay in Portland.
The damage assessment indicates minor displacement, however,

(2/2) … we are taking all precautions and all the necessary protocols have been activated.
We implore citizens to remain calm and follow all the protocols regarding earthquakes and general safety.

The earthquake knocked traffic lights offline, and police officers were sent to control traffic at the intersections.
People attending a meeting at the U.N.’s International Seabed Authority were seen on camera panicking as the earthquake occurred. The attendees returned to the meeting, but it was postponed to a later time due to fear of the earthquake and its aftermath. 

“We need some time to adjust emotionally,” said Elza Moreira Marcelino de Castro, Brazil’s representative.
The tremor sparked fear on the island, with some people rushed to hospitals for panic attacks.

Source: Black Enterprise


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