News4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Can Benefit From AI

4 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Can Benefit From AI

With all the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), it is impossible to ignore the potential to disrupt industries, especially content marketing.

Though artificial intelligence can process data at a speed that “seems near-instantaneous to our minds,” according to Paul Roetzer, founder of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, leveraging its power for your content marketing strategy has a number of benefits.
Here is how AI can help marketers be more efficient and effective.

1.) Save yourself time and research burnout
You can be just one click away from identifying high-performing content and updating your content strategy based on those insights.

Research content topics: AI analyzes search engine data and social media trends to spot relevant topics that appeal to your target audience. By providing AI with a description of your buyer persona and their needs, it can brainstorm dozens of topics in a matter of seconds. Choose those that best match your content strategy.
Analyze content performance data: Turn it up a notch by aggregating your analytics to pull out key insights.

AI blogging examples: Moz’s Keyword Explorer, SEMrush, Google’s Natural Language Processing tool, GPT-3, HubSpot Content Assistant, Grammarly, and Jasper.

2.) Turn your content performance up a notch 
Automate parts of the content creation and distribution process so you can focus on other aspects of your strategy.

Create and optimize your content: Use AI to write content outlines, headlines, and even articles. By using machine-learning algorithms and natural language processing, AI can easily create even a full grammatically correct blog post in under five minutes.
Distribute content: AI’s analytics power can be a great advantage in terms of pinpointing the best days of the week and best times to distribute your content. Better yet, use AI to analyze engagement across all your distribution channels to spot trends and the best channels to post.
Personalize your content: Gain access to AI’s library of online data. By analyzing data like demographics, browsing preferences, needs, and interests, learn more about your target audience and current customers by sorting through AI recommendations.

AI-based writing assistants: Copymatic, GrowthBar, Jasper, InferKit, Lately, Rytr, Textsynth, and Writer.

3. Use AI’s ever-speeding computation to resonate with your audience
A/B testing, also known as “split testing,” allows you to test different designs, page structure, and even copy to determine what performs better with your audience.
Engage customers with chatbots: Chatbots are an easy way to engage with your customers and assist them with problems in real time. Rather than having your audience sift through forum posts or how-to guides, a chatbot can analyze a question and deliver an appropriate response.

Free up resources for other activities: Take this time wisely.
You can read about some of the best chatbots here.
4.) Save money
AI also helps your team save money on labor and potentially other expenses such as automation and content production software.
Reduce labor costs: By using AI content marketing tools to automate processes within your marketing campaigns, you can get more out of your staff and outsource fewer tasks and projects. For example, AI’s ability to help your team produce better-quality first drafts with fewer rewrites and less editing gives time back to your editors and helps them be more productive and strategic.
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Source: Black Enterprise


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