News3 Ways To Enjoy A Low-Key New Year's Eve

3 Ways To Enjoy A Low-Key New Year’s Eve

Some of my friends and colleagues also kept it low-key. Here’s how they chose to ring in the new year.

A Dinner Party
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A Pajama Jam
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There’s nothing more low-key than putting on your most comfortable PJs for an adult pajama party. Since you’re going to be up anyway, why not be comfortable all night? The key to a successful pajama jam is to invite people who will actually participate. Folks who show up “dressed to the nines” or in street clothes—and they haven’t brought PJs to change into—are just killjoys. Specify what passes for pajamas so no one feels uncomfortable or sticks out like a sore thumb.

Play a Game—Other than Spades
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As New Year celebrations go, playing a few games is decidedly low-key. But why not pull out something other than the usual deck of cards? Some of my friends celebrated American Black culture with a hidden treasure called Black Card Revoked. This game will have you debating like crazy, going back and forth about who’s wrong and who’s right. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone broke out with a song from The Five Heartbeats while answering some of these questions. The game is family-friendly—up to six can play at a time.

Source: Black Enterprise


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