News22 Young Graduates in Atlanta Step into Bright Futures

22 Young Graduates in Atlanta Step into Bright Futures

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens commended the graduates for their resilience and determination in overcoming challenges.

Nearly two dozen young individuals are celebrating a significant milestone as they graduate from a transformative program aimed at propelling them towards successful careers, WSBTV report. Held at the At-Promise Center in southwest Atlanta, the March 28 graduation ceremony, witnessed the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. There were some 22 graduates of the center’s workforce development program, who were greeted and congratulated by Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Dickens commended the graduates for their resilience and determination in overcoming challenges to carve out their own paths to success.

“You have had to be resilient, you had to be strong, and you had to be determined, and you met your challenges and lived to tell your own story,” Mayor Dickens remarked, acknowledging the journey undertaken by each graduate.

Participants also received invaluable lessons on financial management and interpersonal relationships, ensuring they were well-rounded in both their personal and professional lives.

The workforce development program, a collaboration between the Atlanta Police Foundation and Urban League, spanned three months and provided participants aged 16 to 24 with comprehensive professional and vocational training. From mock interviews to resume building, the program equipped them with essential skills to navigate the complexities of the job market.

“The investment you’ll make in them does way more than just change their lives. It really helps to shape our entire community and our city,” Mayor Dickens remarked, underscoring the collective responsibility to support and uplift the next generation of leaders and professionals.

While the At-Work Program is currently offered at only one of the city’s three At-Promise Centers, there are plans for expansion. Mayor Dickens called upon businesses and individuals to contribute to the program by offering coaching, mentorships, internships, and job opportunities, emphasizing the transformative impact such investments can have on the lives of young people and the broader community.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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