News11 Tips To Protect Your Holiday Packages From Theft

11 Tips To Protect Your Holiday Packages From Theft

With the holiday shopping season unfolding, here are 11 steps consumers should take to prevent porch pirates from stealing packages

With the holiday shopping season unfolding soon, now is the time consumers should consider taking steps to prevent thieves from stealing packages or gifts off porches.
That activity tends to surge with the run-up to Christmas, law enforcement officials say. As a growing number of people buy packages online via websites like Amazon and have gifts sent to homes of family and friends, so-called “porch piracy”  behavior rises.

Yet, there are many steps consumers can apply to help prevent porch poachers from taking the cheer out of their holiday shopping season:

Consider installing a secure drop box for packages. Try to find one that can be attached to your property and have contents enclosed.
Thick about installing security devices—maybe surveillance cameras that can be seen by would-be thieves but are untouchable—to deter package theft.
Get a smart lock. Have a courier or delivery person enter a unique code that unlocks the front door when the package is delivered. Then, they can place the package inside, close the door, and re-lock it. The passcode expires and your packages are safe and secure.
See if you can have shipments come directly to you. Perhaps your employer will allow packages to be shipped to you at work.
Check to see if neighbors or friends home during the day might be open to collecting your packages.
Set up and schedule packages when you are at home. These apps also allow you to delay or redirect  packages: FedEx Delivery Manager, UPS My Choice, and USPS Hold Mail.
Examine security over convenience. Have packages kept at a delivery service store or post office where you can pick them up.
Demand a signature for packages you’re sending to yourself and family and friends.
Ask those you’re sending packages to for details on the safest way for them to receive them.
Leave a note to have the package left where it cannot be seen. Remember, porch pirates look for packages that are easy to see and take.
Look into self-service pick-up lockers. Many major shipping companies provide this service. FedEx Ship & Get, UPS Access Point, and Amazon Locker are secure pick-up options.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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